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Welcome to the Ideal Molino campsite!
Our campsite will give you a relaxing and peaceful stay, immersed in the nature of our beautiful Gulf.
Enjoy this "oasis" of relax, accompanied by our staff who will provide you with the help and services you need to best spend your holiday. Our campsite is open at 9 am to 11 pm. It is possible to check in for pitches from 10 in the morning and for bungalows and chalets from 14.
The check-out must be done before 10.
For payments we are available from 9 to 11 and from 16 to 18.
Useful information


- The gates are closed to vehicles and motorcycles every night between 11pm to 7:30 am. A doorway for walking is always open the night.
- On the departure day you must leave the campsite before 10 am.
- Till opening times 9am-11am and 4pm-6pm: - for reserved pitches, bungalows or chalets please settle the full amount on the day after your arrival. - for pitches, bungalows or chalets with no reservation please settle the payment the day before your departure.
- You can pay your campsite bill with credit card (Visa, Master, Maestro) or cash. If you pay by cash, you will get a discount of 2% (only on a bill of 100€ or more).
- Bungalows, chalets and mobile homes: on arrival a refundable deposit of 200€ (in cash) is required. The deposit will be refunded if the unit is in a good state, clean and nothing has been damaged. Otherwise 50€ will be held back for the cleaning or the whole deposit in case of permanent damage to the structures.
- In case of early departure the guest will have to settle the full amount for the entire booked period.
- For wifi-codes please come to the reception with your ID card.
- Dog owners must keep their pet on a lead attending their hygiene and ensuring that no disturbance is caused to other guests.
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The three gates are blocked to the traffic from 23 to 07:30. You can walk in and out through the gate near the reception.
Remember that the central gate has photocells, to exit they will activate and will open automatically

Every night there is a night watchman, from 19 onwards. To contact him you can call the campsite number or ring the bell outside the reception.
Night check out:if you want to leave during the night, you will have to come and pay the afternoon before and make an appointment for the control of the house. Remember to move the car in the external municipal parking before 11 pm.

Please separate the waste an throw it into the different colored containers in front of the reception and near the upper gate. You will help us to preserve better the environment.
Brown bins are on the road at the office. Organic waste must be placed in the bin with biodegradable garbage bags or loose.

For code please go in reception with ID.
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The bar/restaurant is open daily: the restaurant service is from 12 to 14 and from 18:30 to 21. The bar from 08 to 23.
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Maxi caravan - to be done with assistance of a staff member: open with key door behind Maxi caravan, remove white boiler carcass, open the door located under the boiler to the right and replace the flashlight battery.
Bungalow/chalet: remove wooden carcass, press the round button and insert the lighter to turn the flame on.

Maxi caravan: in the bedroom on the right, open the wardrobe: inside there is the life-saving switch.
Bungalow/Chalet: Generally the life saver is placed in the kitchen. In Saskia, Jacky, Osanna and Carlo is placed under the porch on the left.

You have included in the price 4 AMP of electricity. If you need more AMP you can go to the office and we will provide you with 6 or 10 AMP according to your needs. In the case of upgrades you will have to pay an extra fee.
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Dogs are welcome at the campsite but please make sure you observe the following rules for the well-being of guests and dogs during their stay.
On arrival at the site, you must provide us with the dog’s vaccination and health related documents. Owners are fully responsible for their own dogs and for any damage caused by them. Please remember that dogs must be kept on a lead. Owners must attend to their pet’s hygiene (doggy bins are provided) and ensure that no noise disturbance is caused to other guests. Dogs are not allowed to access the beach, the gardens, the grassy areas and the playground. However, they are welcome on the small BAU BAU BEACH, situated to the left of the jetty with their own dog shower. They are allowed into the water but should not go onto the jetty. If you are looking for a dog beach nearby, there is a well equipped dog beach in Portese/harbour and in Salò – a small town 5 KM from the campsite. Please remember that in the chalets and maxi caravans dogs are not allowed onto the sofa or the beds and you should not use the provided linens and blankets as dog blankets.
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The laundry service is open every day. You have to come to the reception to buy the ticket from 09 to 11. Once you get your ticket, deposit your linen in a bag and take it to the laundry. A staff member will wash the whole thing, it is not possible to do self service. Generally you can pick up in the afternoon.
Regarding the change of chalets/bungalows: once you have received the change of sheets, please bring the dirty ones to the laundry.
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Equipped with an ID, you can go to the office and rent bicycles, canoes and stand up paddles.
If you want to rent cars, scooters or boats we will be happy to direct you to our partner.
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Navigarda is the one that deals with public navigation on our lake. Through the website you can book tickets or check the daily routes.
If you wish to book private tours/transfers, we will be happy to contact our partner for you.
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We personally offer a free bike rental service. you will only need to go to the reception with an ID. You can also follow wonderful paths immersed in our territories.

Here are some of them: